McLane Global

The Right Product • The Right Quality • The Right Quantity • The Right Price

McLane Global is a premier logistics and international trade management service provider that supplies end-to-end solutions to an extensive global network. Located in Houston, Texas, McLane Global has prime access to international land, sea, and air trade routes.

Founded in 1958 as M-C International, McLane Global established business as a dominant player throughout the Pacific trading world, serving clients along the Western Pacific Rim, Oceania, India, the Middle East  and the Americas. M-C International built a heritage known for operating in diverse markets, introducing product lines into new markets, and nurturing relationships of long standing clients.

International Trading

With over 60 years of experience in exporting U.S. goods around the world, a vast international network, and domestic buying power, McLane Global is one of the premier exporters of American brands. With a full array of export services, the company’s level of service is unmatched in the industry.

Domestic (U.S.) Sales

In the nearly two decades under Drayton McLane Jr. guidance, McLane Global has combined its international expertise with Mr. McLane’s knowledge of the U.S. grocery business to bring value driven products to store shelves all over the country.

 Lady Liberty

The Lady Liberty brand offers grocers worldwide all the quality and look of other U.S. brands without the difficulties of dealing with giant corporations. By seeking partners instead of just customers, The Lady Liberty Brand is poised to be become a mainstay in the international marketplace.

McLane Hunger Solutions

McLane Hunger Solutions, a division of McLane Global,  was established  to work for the Hunger Relief effort and purposefully use the experience and expertise of over a century of grocery distribution and a half century of international trading. Although a “for profit” business, McLane Hunger Solutions is committed to the mission of eradicating hunger in the world.

Logistics 3PL

McLane Logistics, a division of McLane Global, services four areas of expertise: Warehousing and Storage, Import/Export Services, Fulfillment/Repacking, and Value Added Services