Our Heritage

Established in 1992 by the esteemed Drayton McLane Jr., McLane Group stands as a distinguished holding company. Its diverse array of enterprises serves as a testament to the tradition of excellence and innovation woven into the fabric of its identity—a tradition originating over a century ago through the visionary foresight of Drayton’s grandfather. Situated as a privately held entity in the heart of Temple, Texas, McLane Group’s influence extends far beyond its Central Texas origins, encompassing a global landscape.

Guiding this sophisticated conglomerate is Drayton McLane Jr., a luminary whose reputation as a Texan entrepreneur, visionary leader, and devoted philanthropist precedes him. A native Texan himself, his unwavering commitment to robust Christian values and ethical principles is the compass that steers his ventures toward honorable heights. Complementing his leadership are his sons, Drayton McLane III and Denton McLane, a generational lineage that upholds the legacy of integrity and honor through four epochs of business acumen.

As we journey forward, the foundational virtues of honesty, integrity, and principled ethics championed by McLane’s forefathers remain at the core of McLane Group’s ethos. Our narrative is one of affluence and purpose, where poised leadership intertwines with a commitment to enduring values, setting a course that continues to shape industries and influence horizons.

Redefining What is Possible

Our Multi-Faceted Business Ventures

A Family Tradition of Service and Honesty

A Family Tradition of Service and Honesty